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Our Wedding: The After Party

Because the recep­tion ended at 4pm, we knew we wouldn’t be ready to call it a day. So we chose to have an after party at a local bar within walk­ing dis­tance. (The bar itself was really cool, but the wait­staff was not exactly happy with us, unfor­tu­nately.) And hon­estly, after hav­ing been through it, I am […]

Our Wedding: The Booth

The photo booth was one aspect of the recep­tion we were most excited for because we knew at least some of our guests would have a lot of fun with it. And it really turned out to be a huge hit. photo taken by friends and fam­ily For the back­drop we used the navy and white fabric […]

Our Wedding: The Cupcakes

The cup­cake stand and flags were another fun project we worked on. For the flags we sim­ply designed a few dif­fer­ent say­ings, used a zig zag punch to cut them out, and attached them to tooth­picks with clear stick­ers on the back. The stand came from Save-on Crafts, and all we did was cover the rings with blue […]

Our Wedding: The Buttons

We really wanted to cre­ate a fun point of inter­ac­tion for the guests as soon as they arrived at the recep­tion. So rather than tra­di­tional escort cards, we decided to make indi­vid­ual but­tons (We bought out but­ton maker at Dr. Don’s on the advice of Erin Jang) for each guest, which Brian labored over for hours. We […]

Our Wedding: The Favors

I know favors are one of those things that aren’t absolutely nec­es­sary at a wed­ding, but we were really excited for another oppor­tu­nity to design some­thing fun for our guests. This was one of the first ideas we came up with dur­ing wed­ding plan­ning, and one of the eas­i­est deci­sions to make. Keeping in mind the […]

Our Wedding: The Music

Music was pretty huge for us — we spent for­ever putting together our playlists. Our DJ, Brad Langer from Absolute Entertainment, did an awe­some job of mix­ing things up based on the crowd’s response and stick­ing to our wish­list. We didn’t want a lot of the typ­i­cal weddng music, so that was def­i­nitely a con­cern. There’s not enough room […]

Our Wedding: The Guest Books

As wed­ding atten­dees, one prob­lem we always found with guest books was that peo­ple don’t nec­es­sar­ily know what to write (that or they can’t find them, which hap­pens to me sur­pris­ingly often). And as a result, some guests either don’t sign them or just sim­ply sign their names, which is fine, but we were look­ing for […]

Our Wedding: The Out of Town Gift Boxes

The out of town gift boxes were one project we were really excited to put together. I per­son­ally love kits or sets of any kind, so there’s that. Plus, since so many peo­ple were com­ing from a dis­tance, we fig­ured it was a per­fect oppor­tu­nity to give them a lit­tle intro­duc­tion to our city. For the boxes them­selves we bought, […]

Our Wedding: The Programs

The pro­grams came together pretty quickly, design-wise any­way, the pro­duc­tion still took a bit of time. We went with a sim­ple small book­let that tied with a cord at the top. Little shop­ping tip: my friend Dana pointed me in the direc­tion of B.B. Crafts, which has a huge selec­tion of rib­bon at rock bot­tom prices. I got a huge 250 […]

Our Wedding: The Flowers

I never real­ized how into flow­ers I was until we planned our wed­ding. I’m not claim­ing to be any sort of expert on the dif­fer­ent vari­eties (not even an ama­teur one), but when I look at wed­ding phở­tos now the flow­ers tend to be what I’m drawn to more than any other detail. Sarah from Brooklyn’s Blossom […]